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Advantages of hiring through a Recruitment Company

Over the past few years there have been many threats to the recruitment industry with social media, job boards and internal recruitment teams all creating much pressure for the growing recruitment company. However, even in the face of all this stiff competition the recruitment industry has grown and recruitment companies continue to assist companies in finding top talent, and this is why:

1. Access to top talent
It is no secret that a recruitment company has access to far more candidates than an internal hiring team. This is so for various reasons. Firstly collecting candidates is good business, it is what they do every day of the week, and it’s their core business. Without candidates, recruitment companies have no product. It is therefore in their best interest to spend as much time and resources as possible on marketing their company. In any other business, this is not their core business and therefore not as much time, energy and money is spent in this area. Secondly, talent or candidates themselves feel far more comfortable approaching a recruitment company than they do approaching a company directly and therefore prefer approaching recruitment companies.

2. Understanding of the market
Talent mapping has become a buzz word in corporates around the world and entails literally mapping the talent that exists in companies. Currently a recruitment company will have access to this information and be able to understand where the best talent is sitting. Through constantly interviewing as well as doing research with candidates and clients, a recruitment company will have more knowledge and information on the skills that are available in the market than a company itself is able to gather.

3. Budget and Resources
A major constraint that businesses have in terms of recruiting are the resources to do this. Many internal recruitment teams are expected to run HR as well as recruitment where recruitment is a full time job on its own. This requires time that businesses don’t necessarily have. Hiring a recruitment company to recruit the skills you need is still more cost effective in the long run than training and hiring a full time employee to do it for you.

4. Higher chance of the candidate accepting your offer
A recruitment company will train their recruitment consultants so that they have the ability to negotiate what is best for client and candidate. Candidates often feel pressurised to accept an offer they’re not 100% happy with if offered directly from an employer and end up leaving after only a few months for a better offer. This can be avoided if the recruitment company is the middle man and can negotiate effectively for both parties. They also act as the buffer between the two parties should there be areas of discord or ambiguity. In the end it assists to foster a healthy relationship between employer and employee.

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